Monthly Update - October 2022

Greetings, Lunar Crew!

Silverdust here, bringing you the first monthly update for Lunar DAO. We are still working on transitioning operations to the Lunar Foundation, so this update will be light. But we're hitting the ground running, so stay tuned!

⚖️ Governance

  1. ✅ Proposed and passed a LIP to create Lunar DAO and the Lunar Foundation
  2. 🟪 Began interviewing crypto lawyers to establish new legal counsel

💰 Finance

  1. ✅ Accepted the 2022 Q4 Budget

📈 Markets

  1. 🟪 Continued to make updates to our BSCScan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko profiles

📢 Marketing

No new marketing efforts are being undertaken at this time, while we focus on transitioning Lunar Foundation operations.

💻 Dev Team

  1. ✅ Assisted Lunar DeFi and the Lunar Foundation in transferring technical assets

Until next time!

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Former bank CFO. Paid artist. Published author. NFT ethusiast. Mom.