These storied crypto veterans stepped up to the plate when asked, to help lead Lunar into its next phase.


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Legal drinking age

Country of Residence?

United States


Mom, published author, paid artist, CFO of a billion-dollar bank. I’ve been in finance for over 15 years. I’m currently helping people after natural disasters in the United States. My dream is to have a cottage with a fireplace and soaking tub in the UK, own a bookstore/coffee shop, and be able to travel.

Greatest accomplishment?

Being a mom. Nothing tests your abilities like mini versions of yourself.

What was your first crypto experience, and how long ago?

First Crypto Experience was Dogecoin in 2019

Favorite Non-Lunar Project?


How did you find out about Lunar?

You can blame LukeTooFar for that one. I saw a post on Twitter with one of the gifs for the Lunar Genesis Crystals and thought the art was breathtaking.

What made you decide to step up as a mod?

I observed some aspects in the community I could make a difference in. So when the option became available I applied.

What made you accept the call to be a Foundation Director?

First was because I love Lunar and the community. It has brought so many amazing and talented people together. I thought my professional experience would be an asset.

What are your aspirations for Lunar?

I want to help Lunar become the name everyone recognizes as a staple in crypto. A place that welcomes all crypto enthusiasts no matter their experience and strives for excellence in everything we do. 

Favorite classic movie?

Princess Bride

Favorite modern movie?

Jurassic Park (all of them) 

Favorite song to jam out to in the car?

That’s such a hard question to answer. I love all kinds. But if I’m really trying to just laugh and be goofy, it would have to be anything from the “Footloose” soundtrack.

Coolest person you ever met?

I think it’s about perspective. Everyone has a unique story. It’s just about being opening to hearing it.