Monthly Update - March 2023

Greetings, Lunar Crew!

Silverdust here. Perfection. It's easy to talk about, but incredibly difficult to obtain. Yet our latest ERC-20 contract update received a perfect score from our auditor, and we executed a perfect upgrade and expanded access for LNR holders. How did we do it? You'll just have to read on and find out!

⚖️ Governance

  1. ✅ The Foundation completed a transfer of roughly 1.1M LNR from the Lunar Treasury that was allocated across our centralized exchange accounts, to bolster our liquidity during the transition between market-makers
  2. 🟪 We worked on a LIP to propose giving the Foundation broader authority to leverage Treasury assets in conjunction with the market maker, to further the financial objectives of Lunar DAO

💰 Finance

  1. 🟪 Continued wait for a response from Binance about our MVB 6 application
  2. 🟪 Continued wait for a response from Binance about our Industry Recovery Fund application
  3. 🟪 Continued to review the Facility Deal
    - 🟪 We continued working through the LNR Volume Improvement Plan to meet their next set of requirements
  4. ✅ We have completed $55,000 USD in OTC transactions to date
    - Per the LIP, the proscribed portions of transactions are being used to create the liquidity pool for our Uniswap stablecoin pair

📈 Markets

  1. ✅ We have completed our second post-DAO listing on
  2. ✅ We have completed our third post-DAO listing on
  3. ✅ We have completed our fourth post-DAO listing on Uniswap!
    LNR now has direct access to cross-chain swaps on the Uniswap network
    - This represents our first stablecoin DEX pair
    LNR holders are able to contribute tokens to the pair in exchange for Uniswap fees for providing liquidity.
  4. ✅ Continued to make updates to our BSCScan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko profiles
  5. ✅ Continued to combat an inordinate amount of FUD and harassment on our CoinMarketCap profile
  6. ✅ We have finished with our migration to the new Market Maker
    - This was an extensive project that required significant effort from multiple parties @ at least 7 organizations
    - This is a significant component of our efforts to expand access to LNR's utility and is a major win for the LNR Ecosystem
  7. ✅ We had our first meetings with our new market-maker post-transition and they have begun implementing their new trading strategy
  8. 🟥 CoinMarketCap made the unfortunate decision of deleting all of the watchlists on our old token profile
    - They did this without informing us or giving us the opportunity to migrate the watchlists to the new token
  9. We have taken control of the Telegram groups for all of our exchange listings and are now in regular contact with our listing partners

📢 Marketing

  1. ✅ Our OpenSea profile and Lunar Crystal NFTs collection are now Verified
  2. ✅ We recorded a Twitter Spaces AMA with the Bored Ape Show
    They grilled us on a number of topics and in the end we were named Platinum Bored Certified!
    - Winner of the 25$ LNR reward was MinnieM! Congrats 🎊
  3. 🟪 We continue to wait for a final decision on our application for Telegram Verified status for our primary Telegram group
  4. 🟪 We continue to wait for a final decision on our application to the Discord Partner Program for the Lunar Discord server
  5. 🟪 We have prepared a War of the Whales campaign that will launch in April

💻 Dev Team

  1. ✅ Our ERC-20 contract audit was completed.
    🏆We received our auditor's very first PERCECT SCORE, out of over 150 projects evaluated
  2. ✅ On 18 March 2023 we executed a flawless ERC-20 Production contract upgrade.
    - Our announcement post covers all the new features and enhancements
    - ✅ We have expanded our automated build & release pipeline to provide additional contract validation & testing before deployment
    - ✅ We have completed testing of the ERC-20 contract upgrades in our Dev environment on the BNB Chain TestNet
    - ✅ We have completed testing of the ERC-20 contract upgrades in our Beta environment on the BNB Chain MainNet
  3. ✅ We completed a second set of Lunar system upgrades to support new features for Lunar Mint, as well as services to support our current and future exchange listings

On behalf of all the Foundation Directors, congratulations to the Dev Team for all of their outstanding work! They have been tirelessly pushing forward every day to make Lunar better for you, and we truly appreciate their efforts. See you all next month!

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