Monthly Update - February 2023

Greetings, Lunar Crew!

Silverdust here. While many of you are busy unburying yourselves from massive snowdrifts, we're about to bury you with even more utility! Lunar Portfolio Preview 1 is now available to all Lunar Ecosystem token holders, so read on for more details.

⚖️ Governance

  1. ✅ Implemented the LIP to modify Lunar Crystal NFT metadata and sell Foundation-owned NFTs on OpenSea
  2. ✅ Passed a LIP to modify the pricing methodology of OTC transactions

💰 Finance

  1. 🟪 Continued wait for a response from Binance about our MVB 6 application
  2. 🟪 Continued wait for a response from Binance about our Industry Recovery Fund application
  3. 🟪 Continued to review the Facility Deal
    - 🟪 We continued working through the LNR Volume Improvement Plan to meet their next set of requirements
  4. 🟪 Continued to reach out to institutional investors to keep the project moving forward without selling LNR on-contract

📈 Markets

  1. ✅ Completed our first post-DAO listing on
  2. ✅ Continued to make updates to our BSCScan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko profiles
  3. ✅ Continued to combat an inordinate amount of FUD and harassment on our CoinMarketCap profile
  4. ✅ We selected a new market maker that better aligns with Lunar DAO's goals
  5. 🟪 We began the process of migrating to the new market maker
  6. 🟪 We worked to take ownership of the Telegram channels related to our listed exchanges

📢 Marketing

  1. ✅ Two Foundation Directors attended the Blockchain Economy Summit in London to increase Lunar awareness and meet key contacts in the Blockchain industry
    - ✅ We submitted an application for and were awarded the opportunity to have Lunar Crystal NFTs on display during the conference
    - ✅ We created and submitted a video that will showcase three of our best Crystals on 55" TVs throughout the conference floor
    - Here's an example of the video in action
  2. ✅ We designed and executed a new business card design for the Lunar Foundation Directors
  3. ✅ We created new imagery to announce Lunar Portfolio Preview 1 and deployed it across our CMC profiles and social media channels
  4. ✅ We completed a major cleanup of
  5. 🟪 We are working on a major cleanup of
  6. 🟪 We applied for Telegram Verified status for our main Telegram channel and are awaiting a final decision
  7. 🟪 We applied for the Discord Partner Program for the Lunar Discord server and are awaiting a final decision

💻 Dev Team

  1. ✅ Shipped the first Lunar Portfolio Preview build to LNR and Lunar Crystal NFT holders
    - We outlined our release process in the Announcement post
    - This release fixed a number of mobile layout issues
  2. ✅ Shipped a Lunar Portfolio Beta build to Lunar Crystal NFT holders that repaired the OmniWallet dropdown and added your Lunar Account profile image
  3. ✅ Spun up a new Staging environment in Azure to support our next round of Lunar Platform deployments
  4. ✅ Deployed a major Lunar Platform update to support the database changes required for Lunar Mint and the upcoming OpenSea NFT sale
  5. ✅ Burned the remaining tokens in the Binance NFT platform account so they can be re-sold elsewhere.
  6. ✅ Updated the NFT Metadata to support Power Points, completing technical implementation of LIP 007.
  7. ✅ Completed primary work on the ERC-20 and ERC-721 contract updates
  8. 🟪 Worked to expand the smart contract test suite and understand upgrade corruption issues on both contracts
  9. 🟪 Worked with our auditor to troubleshoot contract deployment issues

For all of you experiencing the winter months right now, bundle up and stay warm. Soon the crypto winter will thaw, and we'll be ready to ride the next wave of innovation. LFG!!!

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