Monthly Update - December 2022

Greetings, Lunar Crew!

Silverdust here. December was a very busy month for the Lunar Foundation. Between new token utility and a massive content drop in the new Governance platform, we just can't stop shipping new stuff!

⚖️ Governance

  1. ✅ Shipped a new Governance Platform, powered by Lunar Accounts and gated by LNR
    - ✅ Shipped a new FAQ on the Governance Platform, covering all of the most pertinent questions we have seen since the DAO transition
    - ✅ Shipped the Lunar Living Roadmap, LNR holders' exclusive view of our plans through 2024 before they are released to the public
    - ✅ Shipped the Lunar Improvement Proposal (LIP) Protocol Guide, which walks you through every part of the LIP process, shows you how to contribute to the Lunar Ecosystem, and lets you watch LIPs in progress
    - ✅ Onboarded all Community Mods and gave them the proper roles & access
  2. ✅ Proposed and passed a LIP to lock the primary Liquidity Pool until 11 December 2023

💰 Finance

  1. 🟪 Continued wait for a response from Binance on the Industry Recovery Fund
  2. 🟪 Continued to review the Facility Deal

📈 Markets

  1. ✅ Continued to make updates to our BSCScan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko profiles
  2. ✅ Continued to combat an inordinate amount of FUD and harassment on our CoinMarketCap profile

📢 Marketing

No new marketing efforts are being undertaken at this time, while we focus on transitioning Lunar Foundation operations.

💻 Dev Team

  1. ✅ Shipped an update to Lunar Accounts. New features include:
    - Ability to seamlessly create a Lunar Account and authenticate with just a Web3 wallet
    - Ability to restrict access to resources based on token balances
  2. ✅ Published our first Lunar product for Developers, an SDK that helps Auth0 customers leverage Web3 in their Auth0 Actions code
  3. ✅ Wrote and published our first public Requirements documents for both managing public repos and the changes required for our next set of smart contract improvements
  4. ✅ Completed primary work on our ERC-20 contract updates, and worked to expand the test suite and understand upgrade corruption issues

On behalf of all the Foundation Directors, we hope all of you have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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