Monthly Update - April 2023

Greetings, Lunar Crew!

Silverdust here. It's been another busy month for the Lunar Foundation. As always, we are hard at work on all fronts moving the Lunar Ecosystem forward, and are under multiple NDAs from multiple parties for multiple reasons. But there's still a lot we can talk about, so read on!

⚖️ Governance

  1. ✅ Proposed and passed a LIP to allow the Foundation to support LNR exchanges as necessary

💰 Finance

  1. 🟥 Our Binance MVB 6 Application was denied
    We were informed via form letter that we were not accepted with no further explanation as to why
    - We will continue to attempt to engage with Binance in other ways while we expand our focus to other prospective industry partners
  2. 🟪 Continued wait for a response from Binance about our Industry Recovery Fund application
  3. 🟪 Continued to review the Facility Deal
    - ✅ We have met their volume requirements
    - ✅ We have continued to work through next steps with their team
  4. ✅ We have completed $98,480 USD in OTC transactions to date
    - Per the LIP, the proscribed portions of transactions are being used to create the liquidity pool for our Uniswap stablecoin pair
  5. 🟪 We have continued to work other investment avenues to accelerate development of the ecosystem
    - ✅ We are under multiple NDAs and conversations are ongoing

📈 Markets

  1. ✅ Continued to make updates to our BSCScan, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and TradingView profiles
    - ✅ BSCScan finally updated our token and contract profiles to be consistent, and our community links are now accurate
    - ✅ CoinGecko finally updated our "Info" pane so the community links are now accurate
    - 🟪 We are working to get our CMC Verified User profile attached to our current Token profile instead of the legacy one
    - 🟪 We are working to get the CoinGecko circulating supply properly matched with CMC
    - 🟪 We are working to get everything updated on TradingView but they are EVEN MORE unresponsive than CMC
  2. ✅ Continued to combat an inordinate amount of FUD and harassment on our CoinMarketCap profile
  3. ✅ We have implemented weekly meetings with our new market-maker and they are continuing to revise and implement our trading strategy

📢 Marketing

  1. 🟥 Our application for Discord Partner Program for the Lunar Discord server was denied
    - We will apply again at a later date
  2. 🟪 We continue to wait for a final decision on our application to the Telegram Verified status for our primary Telegram group
  3. ✅ We have substantially completed the LNR Volume Improvement Plan
  4. ✅ We executed a War of the Whales campaign
    - ✅ Winners were posted on the blog and all rewards have been issued.
  5. 🟪 We have been working with our market-maker and centralized exchange contacts on our next round of marketing, and the first campaign will go live in May

💻 Dev Team

  1. ✅ The ERC-721 update has completed Alpha and Beta testing
    - ✅ We have identified another corruption issue on the ERC-721 contract and are addressing it in our testing cycle
    - ✅ After carefully testing 10 different types of contract updates, we have identified the 3 vectors that caused corruptions in this release
    - ✅ We are in the process of documenting the reasons for the corruption issue to ensure it does not happen in future releases
    - ✅ The Production release of the ERC-721 contract will be scheduled to coincide with the launch of the Lunar Mint Private Beta
  2. ✅ We have consolidated the Lunar app theming files across the four Blazor WASM applications currently comprising the Lunar ecosystem
    - Each application consisted of hundreds of duplicated files, which was a maintenance nightmare
  3. 🟪 We are now working on shoring up Lunar Mint for our Private Beta:
    - 🟪 First goal is to get the system to the point where it can issue Lunar Award NFTs to the Expoverse winners
    - 🟪 Second goal is to issue Lunar Award NFTs to Factions winners
    - 🟪 Third goal is to make sure we have a configurable royalty system in place
    - 🟪 Fourth goal is to be able to support our first external creator with a branded Mint for Collectors experience

See you all next month!

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