A Letter to the Lunar Community

To the Lunar Community,

Congratulations to us all on a successful migration! The LNR token is ready for the future, and so are we.

As the Lunar team announced earlier today, the LNR migration has opened the door to many new opportunities. The new token contract is highly advanced, updatable, and flexible; and community will soon be in full control, governing the Lunar ecosystem through Lunar DAO.

The responsibility of ensuring administration of Lunar DAO is conducted strictly according to the will of Lunar community members is not a small undertaking. The community must continue to drive the Lunar mission, and through a collaborative effort, bring more accessible, fairer and better financial services technology to everyone, everywhere, while remaining regulatorily compliant and imminently relevant.

We - Valiander, Biene, Silverdust, LukeToofar, and Surge - have joined together to seek the support of the Lunar Community to form the Lunar Foundation. This foundation will be a not-for-profit entity with a singular mission and purpose - to implement the will of LNR token and Lunar Genesis Crystal NFT holders and administrate off-chain activities for Lunar DAO.

First, the Lunar Foundation’s relationship with Lunar DAO must be approved by LNR and NFT holders in order to be effective. This will happen through a vote of the holders in the coming days.

Second, the Lunar Foundation’s sole mission will be to administer governance of Lunar DAO according to the vote of the DAO members, and to implement their decisions IRL as a registered corporate entity where the DAO cannot physically reach.

Over the coming days, we will scale up the necessary infrastructure to make this transition happen, with the DAO in control of how and what happens next. The immediate next steps include formalizing the Lunar Foundation’s legal entity, building the initial infrastructure for governance and participation, and publishing the Proposed Lunar DAO Governing Documents.

Thereafter, the first vote on Snapshot.org will be published, giving LNR holders the choice on forming the DAO and accepting our proposal to form a relationship with the proposed Lunar Foundation.

We firmly believe this new opportunity will catalyze growth in the greater Lunar ecosystem beyond our current 40,000+ strong community.

We also individually relish the opportunity to use our skills, talents, and knowledge to help the DAO members develop the foundation and DAO infrastructure.

  • Valiander is the VP of engineering at a high-growth tech company, critical systems manager, and community leader who is valiantly dedicated to ensuring “the Mission of Lunar advances progress in the right direction to making crypto more accessible to everyone, everywhere.”
  • Silverdust is a dedicated marketing lead, CFO, project manager, and philanthropist who is simply “in love with the Lunar community” and aims to, just like the moon, “reflect light in a sea of darkness.”
  • Biene is an enthusiastic aviator, engineer, polyglot, and loving father who is “excited to serve thec ommunity and make Lunar unstoppable through the power of its amazing humans.”
  • LukeToofar is an experienced leader and manager of high-level processes across multiple international companies. He is “fully committed to making Lunar a success for everyone, because Lunar stands for everything that is great about crypto and aims to make it accessible to all.”
  • Surge is a passionate advocate for fairer capital markets, lifelong learner of global economics, and “honestly terrible at writing his bio.” He is “sincerely dedicated to ensuring the success of Lunar and standing up for LNR holders.”

We know there will be many questions. Transparent communication leads to better outcomes, so we will publish regular updates on our progress.

Please be mindful, that sometimes ‘we’, individually, may not be able to answer a question until ‘We’, collectively, have made a public announcement.

The Lunar community is our family, and we sincerely hope for your support.

Biene, LukeToofar, Silverdust, Surge, and Valiander

About the Author


Retired USAF. Corporate IT leader. Tech veteran. Lunar OG.