These storied crypto veterans stepped up to the plate when asked, to help lead Lunar into its next phase.


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Just shy of two score

Country of Residence?

United States


So there I was, being born. Had a childhood. I served in the US Air Force for a decade. I went to University and got my degree in information technology and started my career in tech. Since then, I’ve worked in FinTech, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, and Public Benefits - all with a focus on technology. I have experience in QA, Development, Release Management, App Security, DevOps/Cloud Infrastructure, and overall technical strategy and vision for companies the size of a few people to corporations with thousands of employees. I like technology and I especially enjoy it when it can be innovative and help people achieve something new. 

Greatest accomplishment?

I don’t have anything I consider my greatest accomplishment. My life has been a series of ordeals and endeavors that I do my best to overcome, but the failures are just as important as the successes (or maybe even more important).

What was your first crypto experience, and how long ago?

Way back in 2019, I got into ETH. 

Favorite Non-Lunar Project?

Conceptually XYO

How did you find out about Lunar?

Someone on Stocktwits mentioned the presale on Pinksale, but I missed that. I bought in the next day on PCS

What made you decide to step up as a mod?

I wanted to be a part of making our community better than the rest by getting rid of crypto bros, scammers, and uneducated evangelists. 

What made you accept the call to be a Foundation Director?

I have believed in Lunar since the day I found it on Pinksale. I had the time, ability, and resources to contribute to something greater than myself and the mission of Lunar is a great one to drive forward. 

What are your aspirations for Lunar?

I want Lunar to be the gold standard for crypto services, both for consumers and for businesses. 

Favorite classic movie?

Star Wars - any of the original, unmodified trilogy 

Favorite modern movie?

The Princess Bride

Favorite song to jam out to in the car?

The Sound of Silence - Disturbed’s cover

Coolest person you ever met?

A guy I served in the Air Force with is undoubtedly the coolest person. He was unapologetically himself and didn’t let anyone else’s opinion or society’s expectations change him.