These storied crypto veterans stepped up to the plate when asked, to help lead Lunar into its next phase.


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475 cycles of the moon and counting

Country of Residence?

The nation of tea, queues and I


65% Oxygen, 18% Carbon, 10% Hydrogen, 9% Mathematical Genius. After 20+ years in Warehousing & Logistics I now manage the 3 separate warehousing operations of 2 international companies. From initial interviewing, on through training and then continuous process improvement my job is to give staff the skills and knowledge they need to implement positive change in all aspects of operations therefore maintaining and exceeding industry standards of international trade across multiple sectors. At Christmas I’ll even put baubles in my beard to boost team morale.

Greatest accomplishment?

Making someone laugh after they have been crying

What was your first crypto experience, and how long ago?

Pleading with people to buy Bitcoin when it was $100 and being met with a wall of confused, skeptical resistance. 2013.

Favorite Non-Lunar Project?

BTC - the OG disruptor and a vision of what’s possible for finance

How did you find out about Lunar?

CMC Recently Added

What made you decide to step up as a mod?

After some time wading through the murkier aspects of crypto Lunar shone like a beacon of transparency, accessibility and good ethics. The community welcomed me with such warmth and educated me about the ecosystem with such positive energy and honesty that I wanted to pay that forward.

What made you accept the call to be a Foundation Director?

The good ship Lunar needed to be kept on a favourable course after the OG founders imagined a new community led structure. The passion for such a much needed and innovative project was so strong in the community that it was truly an honour to be given an opportunity to contribute in some small way to its success.

What are your aspirations for Lunar?

To be the access point to DeFi for normies

Favorite classic movie?

Raging Bull

Favorite modern movie?

Inside Out

Favorite song to jam out to in the car?


Coolest person you ever met?

Once met somebody who was totally authentic and lived life to their own rules, totally disregarding social norms to the point where he didn’t wear shoes. Like ever. He is the most intelligent person I’ve ever known, and looks at life from a slightly different angle to everyone else. Now that’s cool

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