These storied crypto veterans stepped up to the plate when asked, to help lead Lunar into its next phase.


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How old are you?

I have been 36 for quite some time now 😉

Where do you live?


Tell us a bit about your career.

From a young age on I was into tech in general, mostly though aviation. After graduation I became an aviation engineer. In my free time I was a computer enthusiast (hardware just not made for programming) and a successful gamer. Made the big move when i was 19 to the USA on my own. Trained to become a helicopter pilot and a flight instructor. Stayed in the US for quite some years to fly. Then went to Europe to fly and now Australia. The last few years realized flying in exchange for money killed the vibe. I now try a more philanthropist approach to life.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Always stay true to myself and follow my dreams.

What was your first crypto experience?

I've been in crypto since the very beginning of Bitcoin.

Favorite Non-Lunar Project?


How did you find out about Lunar?


What made you decide to step up as a mod?

I was with Lunar since presale and learned a lot in the community. When I was asked I was more then happy to share all what I have learned with everyone. Also you have direct control and can protect the project from bad players. 

What made you accept the call to be a Foundation Director?

Lunar grew to a big part of my days and so when asked it was just the next evolutionary step to make to help to make lunar as big as it can be. 

What are your aspirations for Lunar?

For it to become the Binance of DeFi.

Favorite classic movie?

All Quiet on the Western Front

Favorite modern movie?

Bullet Train

Favorite song to jam out to in the car?

Ministry - So what

Coolest person you ever met?

There is no one single person. I've traveled the whole globe, and every country I visit there are always a few exceptional individuals i run into that have brought me joy.

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